How do I handle this relationship issue?

My boyfriend & I have been dating for 4.5 years. He’s a Pharmacist & recently lost his job. We’ve talked about future plans & a life together. We’ve gone to FL with his family every September since we’ve started dating in July of ‘15. We went to FL last month just us & he brought 2 young girls along, who he’s known for 10+ years - basically grown up with them. I felt like an awkward wheel even though he “didn’t want me to feel that way.” & when I tried to confront him about how I felt, he basically blew me off & told me to relax. He’s currently in FL right now with his parents & is planning to go again in December. We’ve talked about taking a trip just us, but haven’t gone through with it.

My coworker thinks I’d be good for her son & he’d be good for me. I work in a vet clinic & he’s bringing his dog in for an exam soon. She wants me to check him in.

If, for some odd reason, he flirts with me or wants to get to know me more, can I agree to talk with him, or can I tell him I’m in a relationship, but I’m probably going to end it soon bc I’m not happy & can I call you later or just... not... do anything?

I want to be happy in my relationship, but my boyfriend keeps making excuses & this last month in FL really hurt me... more than just feeling like an awkward 4th wheel. My folks love my boyfriend & want us to be together & my Mom has threatened to disown me if we break up & has forbidden me to date if we break up & she thinks I’ll never find anyone good enough for me & Im selfish & a bitch.

I know I ultimately have to make the decision... I’d just like some input.
How do I handle this relationship issue?
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