Boyfriend takes his frustration out on me. Could we be breaking up soon?

Lately my boyfriend has been working a lot. The days I do get to see him he's just so aggravated & fustrated, the last time I saw him we had a talk about how we don't see each other often & how we barely talk he works two jobs & I go to school full time so we're under a lot of stress & pressure. We try to help each other with everything but he's so hard to talk to sometimes because he keeps things bottled up.

When he's annoyed or even fustrated he takes it out on me. During our talk he mentioned that he has this feeling that we aren't going to last and he tried to blame it on me saying how I stopped doing the little things he liked & how I don't go out of my way to make him happy. But how can I do the little things when I barely see him? I go out of my way all the time to make him happy, sometimes I drop schoolwork to talk to him or I'll order take out for us if we're supposed to hang out and he'll just cancel on me.

It's just so fustrating because I help him whenever he needs it but when I need the help he gets aggravated with me. I called him crying he just left work and I felt bad because he has to drive home listening to me bawl my eyes out, over the phone he kept talking under his breath saying "Jesus Christ" or "why now" I had to keep apologizing to him I already felt bad that he has to listen to me cry but he just made me feel worse. During our call we got into a yelling match our first one in months. Which just ended up with me bawling my eyes out more & me apologizing to him more.

But in all honesty I think he's working to much and doesn't have enough time for himself. We've had our ups and downs during our relationship but it's just worse now, exspecially if he thinks we're not going to last. Just last month he was talking about marrying me & having kids.

It's just more of the fact why is he taking his anger/fustration/stress/pressure out on me? And why does he think or have this feeling we aren't going to last?
Boyfriend takes his frustration out on me. Could we be breaking up soon?
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