I know my man isn't good for me but I can't leave him?

He's immature at times, controlling and I know it's only a matter of time before he hits me. He's already threatened to multiple times. I know he's not the type to lose it over small things and beat me. As crazy as it sounds he loves me too much to do that. But I know he would over something extreme like me cheating, going out with other guys or wearing inappropriate stuff in public. To be fair, he's not abusive. He's Muslim and that is their culture... It could be a lot worse. As far as my future, he's not financially secure enough to take care of me... I'll have to work and can never be a SAHM. I know he's not good. And that it's probably going to get worse. But I can't leave him alone. I broke up with him and did the unthinkable hoping that it would make him hate me. Since I can't leave him, then I can force him to leave me. I dumped him and immediately got another boyfriend and told him about it. I texted him and he hasn't seen it yet. Now I'm thinking about begging him to take me back. If I beg hard enough, he will. But I know I did the right thing. I need help to let go. Brutally honest advice needed.
1 y
Update: I dumped him and I'm already over it much faster than I thought I would be. I still think about him often but it's getting easier and easier to see just how wrong he was for me and all the evil stuff he's done. He hasn't contacted me yet which I'm thankful for because it would be easy to get sucked back in. Thanks everyone!
I know my man isn't good for me but I can't leave him?
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