Planning to see my LDR Boyfriend Next Month?

So I'm graduating Beauty school in mid November and planning to see my boyfriend in December 19 as a bday gift and well the problem is that is my first time buying a plane ticket online and I haven't bought it yet so my question is should I buy it earlier or wait till December

I feel happy and anxious at the same time cause it's been 3 year we haven't seen each other and I guess it's time that I wanna see him

I talk with my parents about it and well my dad is the one who's buying my ticket but I'm not sure yet cause
Well I think I deserve it

Me and my boyfriend were planning to stay together at his place and well spend some time together he may work everyday but at least I have time for him when he's off work
So should I buy it now or wait till December
Planning to see my LDR Boyfriend Next Month?
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