My fiance wants me to stay in my room when his friends are over?

Is this fair or not?
I was showering while my fiance was at work. Come to find out he came home early and brought his friend with him to hang out. I walked out into the living room in a towel and i didn't hear anyone cause they were listening to loud music (I figured he was alone, didn't know he had a friend over.) So I quickly went back to the bathroom and put my dirty clothes in cause I didn't bring any new ones in. I went into the living room afterwards and just hung out. It wasn't awkward or anything cause his friend didn't really even see me, and I didn't step out all the way. I went back in once I saw he was there. My fiance wasn't acting weird either, until his friend left.
When we were alone, he wouldn't talk to me and I was confused. I thought he was joking at first, trying to annoy me, so I laughed and shook his shoulder. Immediately, he pushed my hand off and yelled,"Don't fucking touch me!" I got scared and started crying, asking what's wrong. He kept saying,"You wanna be a hoe I'll treat you like one and I don't talk to hoes!" Stuff along the lines of that. I was more confused, finally he said,"Why don't you just go be with (friend's name) since you wanna show him yourself all the time!" I told him it was a misunderstanding, but he said next time a friend comes over, I have to stay in the room the whole time or he'll kick me out. I said what if I have to go to the bathroom and he said, "shit in a bucket, I mean that."
I am in the middle of planning him a surprise birthday party too, should that be an exception? Or should I stay in the room for that? I don't see why he got so mad. Should he be this mad?
My fiance wants me to stay in my room when his friends are over?
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