I kept getting upset?

I kept getting upset over little things, especially at my boyfriend.

For example, my boyfriend is naturally someone who’s not expressive and as we grew more comfortable with each other I think he stopped doing little things like he don’t hold my hand as much. Whereas on the other side, I feel like I need affection physically and verbally from him.

We’ve talked about this a couple of times and I still seemed to can’t let this go cause to him it’s hard. He’d say he’ll try to show more affection but it’s still the same.

And I Guess because of how we couldn’t really “solve” this as I don’t feel any increment of affection from him, I get upset easily. If he’s being slightly insensitive or he jokes sarcastically as how he usually would, I get upset now when I probably wouldn’t in the past.

I’m happy with him don’t get me wrong. I’m someone who wouldn’t bother staying if I don’t see a point cause I don’t want to waste my time as well as my partner’s. And I love him, a lot and it’s just nice to receive affection you guys know what I mean?

But that aside, I really don’t know what’s happening with me. Has anyone been through this phase where they get upset at their partner easily?
I kept getting upset?
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