Staying friends after I told her I liked her but she doesn't feel the same?

So I met someone at school last month and we became great friends instantly. Over the past few weeks, I started developing feelings for her but since we're only in the city for school, I didn't want anything long term. So as we were hanging out, I told her that I liked her and that id like to take her on a date. I think she took it as "I want want something serious" and said that because of her past relationship, she wasn't ready to date again. I dont know if that's her rejecting me completely or the idea of a relationship. (she did recently go trough a tough time with her ex a few days prior so that's why im not seeing too much as the classic rejection line)

two days later (today) I talked to my friends about the whole situation and asked if should let her know that I didn't want something serious. they told me not to do that because it sounds desperate and even if the option was there before, it was gone because I told her I liked her.

So now im in a tough situation because if my friends are right and the chance of me being with her is gone, I'm not sure that I can handle being as close with her. since I have feelings for her it would hurt if she started seeing someone else, hooking up with other people, talking about her love life and also just knowing that I'll never get what I want. It sounds very selfish and bad but its honestly how I feel.

I don't really know what to do. I really value the friendship we have and would love to continue it because we have a really personal and intimate friendship but I also dont want to be really close to her while having feelings but knowing that nothing will come of it. So I have two questions;
1-Are my friends right and my chances with her truly done or is there any chance I could have a casual relationship?
2-If the answer is yes, then how do you feel about staying friends with someone you had feelings for? is staying for the friendship good or should I start seeing her
Staying friends after I told her I liked her but she doesn't feel the same?
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