Girls, can a female led relationship work?

I have been with my girlfriend for 5yrs. By this point I should have proposed but sometimes life circumstances get in the way. But its prob going to happen sometime soon.
Anyway, it recently hit me that in most aspects I am in what some people would call a "female led relationship".

My partner is a Dr and makes about 4x more money than me even though she hasn't specialised yet. and she handles anything to do with finances, eg all the accounts for stuff like electricity etc are in her name.

In the bedroom she has a very high sex drive and initiates intimacy a lot more than me and generally takes the lead.

I've also just generwlly found myself looking to her to make the final decision about things.

Now dont get me wrong. We are just a normal couple, we have our own hobbies and friends and we are both very relaxed people. But its clear now that she will always be the head of the household and I imagine when we marry that it will only become more the case.

Im not bothered by it. Infact im pretty happy and very content with life. But I worry that even though she has taken the lead, that maybe she wishes that she didn't have to and might end up resenting me in some way.

Girls, what do you think. Is it ok to continue to let my partner run the household?
Girls, can a female led relationship work?
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