With today's female empowerment, why do women stay in toxic and abusive relationships?

Seems like women or girls in general don't know what a healthy relationship is.

So on countless occasions I see women expressing their twisted relationships to the GaG community. I honestly just face palm and think wow... From their boyfriends wanting to share her with other men to abusive and manipulative behavior. Yet I will never understand why the majority of women stay with men who abuse them either psychologically or physically or both.

I mean countless occasions men beat up their women black and blue but the girl always takes the low life back with the promise of change, everything is good for the first few weeks but then it starts all over again. Blah Blah Blah. You are a worthless slut etc... abuses and language.

What I don't understand is that, why are women so weak minded to accept this behaviour from a parasitic man just to satisfy their sick sadistic version of "BUT HE LOVES ME!", "He can CHANGE", "He has a good heart". "As he beats you black blue."

I honestly don't hold any sympathy for these women and find them quite pathetic to say the least. There are many support groups around communities in the western world and a simple phone call to the police can have a man thrown in jail for a long time just for beating his girl. Yet women always tend to take these men back and fall to the man's sorries.

Is this why girls/women like bad men? I knew this really smart, beautiful, nice girl and she fell for a bad guy bravado boyfriend. Then 2 months down the road through the grapevine I heard that he was now beating her. We met up through a social gathering of friends at the dinner table, I knew what was going on but played coy. I noticed that she changed. Isolated, defensive, afraid. Really sad to say but I did nothing for her because she made her choice and through life's trial and error I feel bad that she had to learn the hard way.
With today's female empowerment, why do women stay in toxic and abusive relationships?
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