Relationship a time bomb?

My girlfriend and I have the SAME group of friends. It's a large clique of 20 people and even more. Like, they ALL share HER views regarding my country , bds, apartheid state etc and support antisemitic people.

I ve hidden that part of myself due to social rejection, abuse, hate comments etc. I just pretend to be like them and avoid associating with my grandmas country/side.
Hence I'm liked and I'm popular among them.

Now my childhood mate told me that my situation is not great because he says a huge possibility of me facing exclusion or change in attitudes if my girlfriend and I break up.
If the break up is amicable then no issues but in case of a bad break up , things can simply blow up in my face.

But he also said that he's disappointed in me and thinks that if the bad break up does happen, then it will probably be for my good as I will learn from my mistakes and find people who are mature and will accept me for the REAL me. In front of whom i can be myself.

Could this be true?
Relationship a time bomb?
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