What makes you feel better when you had a very bad day?

Yeah today really sucked. I got yelled at all day.

First by some creepy old guy on here who didn't like that I had a girlfriend and called me disgusting and that I have mental disorder because I'm dating a girl. Yay.

Than i wasn't feeling good. My ear infection was bothering me and I'm on my period also i got a case of vertigo that was acting up during practice so my coach thought I was half assing it as he put it and yelled at me. Yay again.

Then i go home and clean my room before seeing my mentor who was in a really foul mood and basic fussed at me the entire time complaining about everything I did and told me my work is trash. Yay one more time.

Than i get home to find Lisa freaking out because I threw away her music she wrote when I cleaned up.

Of course she was pissed and called me irresponsible and kinda left me awkwardly feeling guilty the rest of the night while she was at band practice. Outstanding what a great day.

So i called my cousin who always made me feel better but she didn't answer. I'm really starting to miss her.

She used to let me live with her my freshman year but she moved to Tennessee and got married and pregnant and now I feel like she's ghosting me so rare she answers her phone or responds to my text.

But anyway Lisa came home in a better mood and we sat on the couch and she held me which immediately cheered me up.

Wow sorry for the rant but it was a rough day.
What makes you feel better when you had a very bad day?
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