Her mother is a witch, am I over reacting?

It is about to get real dark, I'll keep it very short. Me and my girlfriend are dating for 3 years now. She is a rape victim of a man when she was under 5 or 6. There was a man (moms boyfriend) who did everything you can ever imagine to her, yes, sex. He put his penis everywhere every night when no one was present. But in this case it is pure rape. He then faded away, (her mom and him stopped dating) and chaos stopped leaving my my poor darling scarred forver. Her mother was later informed and well aware this happened to her daughter.

Now this year, I'm dating her. Her mother started seeing that disgusting man again behind my girlfriends back and now she even makes it obvious asking my girlfriend if she looks good for him before she goes partying with him. The disgusting man has even admitted what he did to her mother. And her own daughter cried telling her that again too. But mom is in denial and "doesnt want to believe it" or she dodges the topic when spoken of. I feel disguisted and sick to my stomach and want this man hurt. Bad. I hate nothing more than a pedophile. I keep wanting to see him at her home and insult him, threaten him. But My girlfriend tells me to calm down and that he is not doing anything. She doesn't speak up when her own mother is talking about him casually. I am the only one who's hurt, I want him hurt. Want him hurt bad. I dont understand why my girlfriend is being this way.

Is her mother a complete monster?
Am I over reacting?
How can I help?
How can I get revenge?
It pains me... to see her this disrespected.
Her mother is a witch, am I over reacting?
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