My boyfriend works too much?

I hate this all I hate that I can't touch him. I hate that he's not by my side. I hate that I barely talk to him. I hate that he works a lot. I know he's doing it for us so we move out and have our place and so he gets this new car a necessity of his. But its too much for me and more for him. I see him sad all the time and full of stress. I hate seeing him like this it hurts me. He isn't taking care of himself and there's nothing I could do to help and that's what bothers me the most. There's times were I just want to take him away from it all so it be just us. Is it bad that I sometimes wish that he gets fired. I know he needs this job to help his dad and for us but sometimes I want to say fuck it and leave. To top it off he wants to work some more because he feels like he isn't doing enough. He pushes himself too much even when it's more than what he can handle.
I can't tell him any of this because it'll only hurt him. This is something he wants. He already feels like I'm no motivation to him and Damm how that hurts. But c'mon why would I be motivation for something I don't approve off. Why would I want to motivate him to keep doing something that is causing me to slowly loose him.
He once told me that if he saw that work was taking up his time from the people he loves then he'll stop. He mentioned how money isn't all. It isn't worth loosing loved ones for a job. Honestly it all now seems like a lie. He's doing the thing he said he wouldn't do.
I can't blame him though. It's something he needs and I respect that.
Maybe I'm just over reacting and I'm the bad guy here. I'm maybe just being selfish. Sorry if that is the case. I just don't want to loose him.
Actually if I had to leave so he uses the time he spends on me on himself so he becomes healthier and actually takes care of himself then I'll leave.

It's a long distance relationship by the way and I can't help with money because I'm 17 and I don't have a car. My only ride is my mom but she can't since she works a lot
My boyfriend works too much?
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