Was I wrong for going off on this guy?

I met this guy online we met on Facebook in a forum. He told me that he wasn't in a relationship. But I saw that he was friends with this one girl and her status said she was in a relationship with him. I saw pictures of them together most were for two years ago. But her status still said they were in a relationship. I asked him about it and he said he's not with her and that he tries to sabotage him. I saw where she uploaded a picture of them together and made it her default. And I saw where his mother commented on the picture saying that they were a nice looking couple. So when I asked him about it he said that his mother didn't know that they weren't together. We've been talking for almost a year and he's been telling me that he likes me and wants to be with me. So yesterday I messaged the girl on Facebook asking if they were still together, of course, she didn't reply. I went off on the guy and told him that I thought he was a liar and that I know they are still together. I also told him that I had messaged her. I've been going off on him all day and he hasn't said anything.

All this time he's been saying he likes me we were going to meet soon. But I doubt he'll talk to me again after today. I was just really upset because I thought we liked each other.
Was I wrong for going off on this guy?
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