Reformed narcissist?

Please don’t read the below, if your understanding of a narcissist is a Donald Trump or Kanye West type person, or someone that takes selfies all day.

I was involved in a manipulationship with a narcopth.

He targeted me for money/a long term meal ticket.
He was racially abusive, unfaithful, hateful in his comments about my looks etc around 6 months in, and intermittently ahead of that.

I discarded him after a year.
I unceremoniously kicked him out, blocked him and I’ve been solidity no contact since then (3-4years).
He financially abused 70+ women, and simultaneously used them for sex.
I was the only one that discarded him (before he did it to me) .

I recently discovered that he has been in a 2.5 year relationship with a woman that he treats COMPLETELY differently.
Splurges cash, expensive holidays, extravagant gifts weekly, daily IG declarations of love spanning 2.5 years. He pays for it all.
Yet this woman has ALL of the physical traits he apparently finds repulsive (given his endless racist comments to me).

She even has some additional traits that I didn’t have, that he’d said he found repulsive (for eg she is 15+ stone, has an Afro etc).
She is worse looking than me... whilst he is model beautiful. It makes no sense.

How can it be that he has done a 180 ? ... when narcs apparently never change, AND also to pick a woman that a minority would rate looks wise - to treat as a ‘trophy’.
I’m not being bitchy, since their followers all make the same comments about the disparity in looks.

I don’t understand it. Do you?

FYI - they vlog their life daily, hence why I’m know the above is all accurate.

Any clarity would be greatly appreciated.
Reformed narcissist?
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