About paying for everything?

I have been dating a girl for about three years now. I like her and everything is going well except... I pay for everything. We don't live together but each time we go out it's with her friends and the frequency is 2 to 3 times a week. She plans things a month to 2 months in advance. Her friends are pretty good people but it seems like there is always something going on and somebody's birthday. And each time we go out it's like 100 to 250 dollers. She will have wine appetizers and dinner then when the bill comes just slides it over to me. She was really appreciate in the beginning but now it's an expectation.

Then one night I got too drunk too quicky made an ass out of my self while at her friends house. As soon as we all got to the bar I cut my self off and went to her house to pass out. She ended up staying out with her friends. And what ever happened that night is water underneath the bridge and not worry about it.

Ever since then I don't feel like going out with her friends anymore and I just keep making excuses. She is sensing something is wrong. I told her I never see my friends anymore (like 4 times in a year) and I don't want to drink anymore. But the truth is I am tired of paying for her social life. How should I break it to her without seeming like a dick.
About paying for everything?
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