Why am I not good enough for anyone?

I am 23, 5'6", 122lbs, size 4. I have been told I am pretty, I go to the gym, I always take care of my skin, teeth, hair. I mostly wear minimal makeup. I don't smoke, I only drink like 2-3 times a month. I have a job, I can hold a conversation on more than just tv shows and celebrities. I am not promiscuous, I am a virgin.

I am an introvert, but with people I choose to interact with I am usually friendly, funny. I can be mean and stubborn at times but i would say I am generally not a pain in the ass. I am very sensitive though. I may be selective with the people I talk to, but If I think someone is close to me and loyal I never betray them, I remember their birthdays, I give them emotional support, I am very tolerant and so on.

Yet, nobody truly cares about me or understands me. I feel like people are talking to me when they have nothing better to do.
Why am I not good enough for anyone?
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