My mom hates my boyfriend and wants him out of my life. What should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and because of my relationship with my mom, I only told her about this around the 3rd year. However, till now, she despises the fact that I am in a relationship with him and asked me to open up my eyes and look for other guys. Yes, my boyfriend has disappointed her in a few ways but I feel she is making a big hooha out of everything. I am currently planning my 21st birthday and asked my mom to be the host. However, I did not give her any information because (1) I wanted to confirm everything before letting her know and (2) The location is being held at my boyfriend's work place to save cost on the venue. Because of this and my birthday coming up in a week, she declared that she will not attend my celebration and mentioned about all the flaws of my boyfriend, shutting down any of my opinions. I am unable to respond to anything she said about him despite mentioning a few pointers about him. Because I was speechless during the argument, she claimed that my boyfriend is a bad influence to me as he refuses to take responsibility for being the cause of the arguments between me and my mom. She also claimed that he doesn't love me enough because of the family situation that I am in with my mom. I am lost and tired of the constant quarreling with my mom. So please, tell me what I should do.
My mom hates my boyfriend and wants him out of my life. What should I do?
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