I’m so depressed about what my ex boyfriend said to me?

Recently I went to my ex’s city. He kept talking about how other girls that really like him. He also said if I don’t get hobbies I will marry a boring man ( even though I go to university, I run and read , and will soon be starting to volunteer and start belly dance classes at my uni). He gave me other insults, like saying my shoes are old fashioned and saying that I’m boring. In his car he had his music on very loud and wouldn’t let me turn it down or ever choose a song I wanted to listen to. The comment that devasted me was when he implicated that he is too good for me so he would not want to get back with me. Weeks after coming back this has made me depressed. I can remember one reason he was annoyed at me. It was becuase I didn’t see him in the airport at the point we arranged to meet and I got scared that he wasn’t there, so I was upset with him on the way back to the car after I found him. Another reason he was disappointed in me was becuase one day he had college all day so couldn’t take me out until late evening, in the evening he had a movie night with his friends. I had previously told him I didn’t want to go. He thought he would be finished in a few hours then take me out, but it turns out he had to do something at the time that the movie night started and this took hours. So he didn’t go to the movie night on time, so he asked me again if I want to go, and I said no but you go ahead. ( I told him to just go to them becuase I didn’t want to seem clingy). He chose to go to his friends, so I had a day doing nothing. The next day I felt upset, and he was annoyed that I didn’t tell him to come to me instead of going there. I was silly becuase when I came back to my country I told him I love him. He said he doesn't believe me because if I did I would try to make him happy by doing what he says. I’m so depressed about the whole situation. What do you think of it?
I’m so depressed about what my ex boyfriend said to me?
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