Guys trip to running of the bulls... spain…?

Husband takes at least two trips a year with this group of guys, two single, he included married. Two are former pro athletes, all do well in business. Typical trips are to college football games/bowl games and a lot of drinking across the country. Suddenly, my husband of 6 years wants to go to Spain with these guys for running of the bulls... for one guys 30th. Mind you, he is 37 (the only time this group came out for my husband was when I planned an LA experience for them). My 40th is May and we are planning something, but he just sprung this trip possibility on me today for July. My questions back are, 1) would I be able to do the same (not a answer back, reminding me this isn't an eyeforeye, 2) finances - we still don't own a home and by bday isn't cheap- answer, my bday takes precedence, 3) we took our first family vacation last year, last minute, why is this a six month plan but our family is a last minute plan - answer was we will plan this years family August trip better 4) why do you only plan bucket list items with them and none with me- I can plan bucket list trips with you 5) I am confused as you are not very close to the person turning 30 - its the guys trip... I don't love the few trips of debauchery a year he does with this group (this started about 3 years ago) but I deal as pleasantly as possible; taking a trip like this to Spain with these guys seems ridiculous. He travels constantly for work also, my daughters response was, what I hardly see daddy as it is. I don't want to tell him how to live life but this seems really f5cked up to me. He is the one who suggested it too, one of the douche single guys wants them to go to Ibiza while there. I am not on board... what should I do?
Guys trip to running of the bulls... spain…?
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