Did this count as CHEATING?

This was between my mother and my first step dad, I was 13 at the time.

(You can skip this paragraph if you want) So my mother and my mom and my first step dad were together for 8 years married for 6. He became very bitter and selfish and his drinking went out of control, he worked 3rd shifts and when he was home all he did was drink beer and played Pogo on the computer. He became so lazy that he'd not even shower for a month at a time. He also became jealous that my mom made more money than him so he kept all his money to himself. So mom got fed up and wanted a divorce.

(This is the real part) My mom gave him the divorce papers and he refused to sign it, and he tried to manipulate my mom into coming back with him. My mom told him that he has 3 month to sign or she's going to move on anyways. So he still refused to sign and still tried to manipulate my mom, so she went on and started dating again. I will admit that she was having one night stands while looking for a partner. My stepdad took everything from her and left her and her 13 year old son (me) homeless for a couple months. Eventually the court made a default divorce (or something like that, I don't know about this stuff).

At the time I was 13 and I had no business of knowing what was going on, bit now that I'm an adult and my mom was able to tell me, and I don't know what to think.
One side of me thinks that it was OK since my step dad refused to sign the papers and tried to manipulate her and yook everything.
But at the same time I don't approve of her dating and sleeping around while she was still legally married, and 3 months seemed a bit quick to move on from an 8 year relationship.

What do you think?
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Did this count as CHEATING?
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