Is sex key in successful marriage?

My friend said he ain't ever getting married unless he finds a submissive women who will cook, clean, suck dick and be a women. I said to him. Don't that mean u gotta provide like super hero if u want her to be happy. He says no. He wants control his relationship. Other wise she will control me with sex he says. How so u said. He says if a women married u for love she will do anything for u. But if she marries u for security the u in trouble. That means she just wanted to leave him n find a safe man that can help her not that she wanted love but just provider. He says Marriage is a fraudulent institution build by women to control men. Why would any men agree to stay with one women rest of his life. When men never date 1 women rest of their life.
Is sex key in successful marriage?
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@Dbr1987 is right. Feminist movement n recently Me2 movement have become so abusive to mens role in this world. If a man isn't providing his not worth her presence. B. S
Is sex key in successful marriage?
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