How is he already over me in 5 days?

My OH & I split up 5 days ago - don’t really know who split up with who. I walked out the door upset & said I can’t keep waiting, after he said he doesn’t know what he wants. We both struggle with mental health an have been having increased problems lately, aswell as me trying to deal with the fact he cheated early on in our relationship.

Only a week before our split, I hadn’t seen him for 2 days & he was all over me when I next saw him, saying how much he’d missed me, etc. The day before splitting, he’d said that he doesn’t want another guy having me. When we broke up he said he loves me but is sick of the arguing.

Later that evening I took our relationship status off FB but left him as a friend as it’s pretty final. Several hours later he then unfriended me on there. He then left it a whole day & deleted the one photo of us he had on there & then blocked me. A friend has looked and he still has the photo of us showing as an old profile pic. Why didn’t he delete that too?

After this, I tried saving myself the hurt & deleted him from the rest of my social media. Today I found he has now blocked me on Insta too but also refollowed the girls he was messaging inappropriately whilst we were together & started liking their photos again.

He hasn’t blocked my number/WhatsApp which I don’t understand.. he has everything else so why leave that open?

I don’t understand - why can he go back to these girls so quickly? Who he has no actual connection with.. Yet the girl he supposedly loves & wanted to settle down in life with, he doesn’t come back to?

I know no one can answer fully as they aren’t him but please, especially guys, can you shed some light on this an try to answer my questions? I feel so hurt & angry. It’s been 5 days & it’s like I’m gone already, as though I never meant anything to him.

I’m here hurting terribly, wishing it was all ok & we were still together but he seems to be getting on with his life just fine. How can he be over me so quickly already?
How is he already over me in 5 days?
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