My bf's priority is his mom and dad. What should I do?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for five years and we're both 25 now. And for every season of his life, we only had one problem: OUR RELATIONSHIP WAS NEVER THE PRIORITY.

When we were in college, we'd only see each other once a month because our universities were three-hour drive apart. Our main priority was our education. He's a medical student while I had a business degree.

Now that we've graduated, he began a startup business. He put up a rehabilitation center. I'm not sure what's the status of his business but I think it's doing fine. The thing is his family relies on him so much. He is in-charge of all the bills in the house. He works 12 hrs a day. We don't see each other for a month even though we're no longer LDR.

What should I do? He said that he wanted to give me time but he's the only one who would pay his family's bills so he gotta work so damn hard. He said he's beginning to be depressed because I'm the only one he can talk to about these pressures in life but now I'm about to leave him.

I'm just so lost. I love this guy. He's kind and loyal. But clearly, he can't handle a relationship.
My bf's priority is his mom and dad. What should I do?
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