Boyfriend of 2 years mom trashed me publicly on facebook and then threatened me?

i’m in $6,000+ debt because when we moved in together in 2018 i was the only one working for awhile and had to pay for everything. then he wanted extra things, so we got more internet and cable, more weed, etc just wanting constantly and i didn’t know how to say no. so then he got us kicked out the apartment because of the weed and yelling at me. so we moved and then we couldn’t pay rent for that place so we went to stay with his grandparents. so we’ve been staying with his grandparents in a different town, i’m depressed trying to work, take care of my boyfriend, pay off my debt, stay sane, try to have extra money to give the grandparents for rent with the little i have. so the grandma is completely ocd, everything has to be a certain way, there’s so many rules and i get it but it’s to the point where i don’t even walk around the house because i’m scared i’ll mess something up with a finger print and get yelled at. then when my boyfriend is yelled at by her he blames it on me. so i stayed there from September to the end of October, and then went back to my hometown to try to rebuild with my mom but she said only a month so i stayed until December. which is when i asked if i could stay with my boyfriend at his grandparents again and they agreed so from December until now i’ve been here. now the grandma is blaming me for her high blood pressure, and that nobody wants me and constantly complaining about every single little thing i do that she doesn’t agree with.
10 mo

(example: my boyfriend works in my hometown so do i and it’s an hour away so i schedule my work shifts to be the same days as his to cut down on driving and gas but she thinks i don’t work and just sit in my boyfriends car all day which i don’t as i’m a nanny for 2 children OR she literally said to my boyfriend she wants to know where my money is going. i told the grandparents i would be leaving by the first of February as i have my own place closer to my work which they said okay
10 mo
everytime i’ve stayed with them i do everything i can to not be a problem, stay out of the way, be quiet, try to be apart of the family, help out around the house, cleaning the room every morning etc. so i guess her gossiping to family members got my boyfriends mother and she went and posted this on facebook publicly

‘Well this Mom has had it. I guess i should get my bag packed and head back to the Island. Because some little Girl dosn't get pack your shit and get out.’
Boyfriend of 2 years mom trashed me publicly on facebook and then threatened me?
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