How do I get this guy to fall out of love with me?

Ok so I'll start by saying what I've done isn't right. I know this. Please dont make it worse I just need help on what to say or do. So I have been in a relationship for a while. Things got stale and I ended up meeting this other guy on a video game. My boyfriend and him are all friends. Well he started messaging me privately and we talked and stuff as just friends. Then one night he confessed feelings for me. And well I didn't say i had feelings back. But I said I liked him he's a good person, which he is. And I was torn on whether I wanted to stay with my boyfriend or not.

So this dude says he's madly in love with me and won't leave me alone and started talking sexual and I went with it for a while until me and my boyfriend talked things over. I started to fall for my boyfriend again and have tried to push the other guy aside by telling him im putting my boyfriend first and not sending sexual stuff anymore.

Well the guy says he thinks we're gonna be together all that kind of stuff and messages me on like every social media if I dont respond. Tells me he loves me every day and I dont wanna be mean cause he's not a bad person I've just led him on in the beginning and I hate myself for it. I told him he should try to find someone else in his own town. But he's saying I'm the one for him. But like I said I've made things better with my boyfriend of 6 years and dont want to change or date again. Me and the guy have a lot in common I'm just not into him as he is into me.. How can I get him to leave me alone without being too harsh? he's sensitive and cries and may hurt himself if I am too mean...
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His response to me talking him we are just friends and I'm going to concentrate more on my relationship was "well now I'll just have to try harder. I'm more determined than ever" like... wtf...
How do I get this guy to fall out of love with me?
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