I feel like I need a change in my life. I feel stagnant.

I'm not trying to complain because I know I have a lot going for me in my life. However, I feel like I need a major change. Which is weird because I was forced to move dorms just last week. My new roommates and I get along I guess you would say. When I say that I mean that we don't fight. They are into playing a lot of games and DnD. I don't mind playing games every once in a while to kill time, but given a chance I would much rather do something else. I haven't had a girlfriend in about a year and a half until last month, but she is really weird. Meaning she is hot and cold. I met her threw my ex-roommate. She was dating him for about 4 months until December she added me on facebook and started to flirt with me. I didn't really give her much thought thinking that she was just doing it to get at her ex. She kept talking about us getting together and I would tell her off and she would quit for about a day or two and then come right back. This went on for about 2 months right after they broke up.

Eventually I gave in because I have been wanting a girl for so long. I'm kinda wishing I wouldn't have though because of the way she acts.

So I mean I have had some changes lately, but for some reason I feel...like...restless I guess you would say. The problem is I don't know what to do about it. I mean I just feel like well really I don't know lol. I have never been good with making friends. I would like to, I moved to this place in July for college, but I haven't really met anyone at school that I want to hang with. That and I don't really know the way to go about it. Like I guess I don't know how to make friends. I feel like if I call people to hang out I'm bothering them. I lived here right after high school and went to college but left because I was doing horrible. So I left and worked at my dad's body shop for about a year before deciding to go back to college. The first time I was here I hung out with a guy a lot. She smokes a lot which I'm fine with to a point I don't mind every once in while.

Idk why I'm telling everyone on here all of this xD, maybe someone can give some advice on what to do or like point me in a direction. idfk lol Thanks anyway.


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  • I don't think anyone can help you out of your funk mate, you just have to find your groove.

    If you're not happy in college but accept you need to be there, then just get it over and done with so you can start your life. There are always options though. I don't want to sound like I'm a show off here but I went to public schools and never finished year 12. Now I have my own business and am doing a lot better than any of my friends that did finish. So don't hang your future success on what happens now.

    Were you happy in your dad's body shop?

    Do you have any idea what you want to do as a profession?

    About 11 years ago a mate of mine and I packed up everything we had in a car and drove. Wherever we stopped was where we would be for a few months, found some work and moved on. If it wasn't for that adventure my life would have played out much differently. All I'm saying is, we were in the same head space as you so we took off and found our groove again.

    • Thanks man, I know no one can really help me out of it. I guess I just wanted to get it out you know. I was happy...kinda lol I wasn't happy with the money, but as far as the work and the life I had after work I was happy. If I could make really good money I would go back lol, but I'm not going to put that on my dad. I'll figure something out lol

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  • Oh mans, I know how that feels. I get rather antsy every few months/couple times a year if I haven't been meeting new people, or even just going something different from the regular patterns. Even if everything is going just swimmingly.

    I have hard time calling friends up to hang out too, so I end up sitting in my room a lot, dinking on projects and such. I've been forcing myself to get better at it. Litterly telling myself "Come on now, they're your friends. They want to hang out with you. And you haven't talked to them in weeks. Just shoot them a message. It'll go over well. Worse case senario you'll still be sitting in your room, which is what you're going now."

    But for the restlessness, for me its a travel bug. I really just pick up and go. Travel can be pretty inexpensive if you do it right and are OK with living cheaply. Something about exploring new places and when I travel by myself I find I tend to meet more people rather than being attached to a group. its refreshing and gives a little appreciation back to "regular" life.

    The last time I felt like I needed a major change I decided to study abroad and took up a summer job seven states away. Those were some of the best 8 months ever and I can only my life there after would be a heck of a lot more boring without them and the friends I made on the journey.

    All I've got for you is just go do something. It could be travel, it could be picking up ninja training classes. Just something to get you out of the bubble and around other people and perspectives. Gear it towards something you like doing, so its more likely other people you'll like will be there. I've found the more nerdy/specialized the thing I got into, the more and more the other people there were strikingly like myself. Its a strangely glorious thing I hope everyone experiences at some point in their lives. I'm on the odder end of how they come, so I'll be damned if there aren't 2000 people out there for you. :P

    Anywho, its nearly 4am and I'm blathering instead of writing my paper. I hope some of this is resonates with you and you de-rut soon :D

    • Thanks, yea I was thinking about studying abroad. My college has a program this summer in Europe. It would be nice to go lol. I think I have a travel bug like you lol. Last time I got restless I quit college and moved 4 hours away. I think I am coming out of the rut now or starting to I don't feel like I did anyway lol

    • Dooo it! I was in Spain and got to travel around the rest of Europe quite a bit. loved it.

      I'm glad you're felling less stuck now too :D

  • I am in this exact same situation now. I just have this feeling like I NEED for something good and unexpected to happen. I just need any kind of change. For me, it hasn't happened yet, but I have found distractions from it. I guess what I would tell you would be to find something you're passionate about and do it. Take chances and try to not regret anything. I have a desire to just get in a car and drive with no set destination, like one big detour. Maybe doing that would be good for you. Just get pick a direction and go. Be spontaneous, you probably wouldn't regret it.


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