Should I tell my Ex Girlfriend I really miss her?

My Ex Girlfriend and i broke up recently. Im 29 and she's 32. We were together for 8 months and i moved in with her early in the relationship. Its the first time she's been with someone for more than 4 months.. I really miss her but its other aspects of the relationship i dont miss at all. She thought my parents are to dominating and they can be some times. She was pushing me really hard to confront my parents about being controlling against me.

Eventually she pressured me to send a long and confrontational email to my mother. I refused to do it and then she did it even though i didn't want her to. I also had issues with her parents. They were very dominating and interfered a lot in our relationship. They came and slept over very frequently. It was very exhausting. For a while i didn't have a job and was talked into financial help from her mother whom i later had to pay a lot back. Shortly before we broke up i visited my parents quite a bit and my EX`s parents got really mad at me because they thought i visited my parents way to much when my girlfriend had to work. It seems to me that her parents was happy about us in the beggining but after a few months their opinion of me as the boyfriend changed dramatically. They were mad at me for taking "to long" to get a full time job, and visiting my parents a couple of times while my girlfriend worked. However we did have many good moments together. I feel like sharing with her that i really miss her but her parents makes it very difficult for me to try again with her. Something tells me that even if we dont get back together again it might be easier for me to move on if i tell her how i feel. Should i?
Should I tell my Ex Girlfriend I really miss her?
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