Is this a sign that he likes me?

I like my second cousin since he moved and became my neighbor about 2 years ago. He recently graduated and our big family gathered to celebrate. We spend time shopping together, having picnics together, and so on.

When going shopping, we rode motorcycle together and unexpectedly, he kept a conversation between us which is very different from his previous nature.

When he was separated from the family group, he chose to call me instead of calling his brother or his parents. Everytime his parents tried to called him, he didn't pick up their call. During family gatherings, he keeps close to me. Like when we sat down to lunch, in front of his brother there was still an empty chair, but he chose to sit on his mother's seat so he could sit next to me. During meals he also often looked at and smiled at me.

He asked my opinion about his appearance, the clothes he had to buy, even without embarrassing farting in front of me. He didn't refuse when his friend thought I was his girlfriend. He even asked me out for movie next week.
Is this a sign that he likes me?
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