One of my long time friends confessed to me?

My friend “Bryce” and I have known each other for a little over a year. We went through school together and a plethora of other things. He was there when my first boyfriend broke up with me. As I’ve gotten to know him, I did not develop anything romantic towards him but rather I felt like he was a brother to me. I confided in him and he did me, and we grew close.
He recently confessed to me. I feel really flattered, because he’s an amazing guy and I really don’t deserve that honor. I’ve been thinking about him a lot now though — not romantically, but it’s more like I’m just shocked still! I’m also very concerned for him.
I want to know if anything I do can hurt him or jeopardize our friendship. I’ve been treating him the same but I’m worried if there’s anything I subconsciously do that can make him upset (maybe hugs or joking around). If this were you, how would you like to be treated? What would you prefer for the other party to omit?
One of my long time friends confessed to me?
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