Should I just give up on him?

My fiancé and I have been together for a little over a year, and we’ve been having some significant issues the last couple of months. Those issues led up to us both deciding that a break would be beneficial for our relationship. He moved out of our apartment and in with one of his friends. That was 2 weeks ago. We haven’t seen each other in person since, but we have texted and talked on the phone. I have backed off and given him the space he said he needed. Fast forward to yesterday... he called me, we had a really good conversation and I told him that it would mean the world to me if he spent Valentines Day evening with me, and that I had even gotten him a gift (which he sounded excited about). Maybe a laid back dinner or just go out for drinks and play some pool. I promised to not put any pressure on the relationship topic, that we could just have a fun night together. He told me it depends on how late he has to work. I understand that work has been crazy for him lately bc he just took on a new position. He said he would let me know the next day (today) what his plans would be. Sooo this morning I texted him “Good morning, hope you have a great day!” And no answer. Still no answer. I have a gut feeling that I won’t be seeing him tonight either. Not sure if I’m overreacting, or if I’m justified in being a little upset.
Should I just give up on him?
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