Im married but can I have opposite sex friends?

So im married. Recently i met this guy through social media. He was super nice and from the beginning he was aware that i was taken and married and that he respected that but still wanted to be friends. he's also asked about my boundaries and to let gim know right off the bat things that pass my boundaries as a married woman. He wants to go grab coffee next weekend... and he also wants to go to invite me to amusement park. I dont know if this is a bad thing to do, .. i feel weird doing anything other then my man but.. at the same time, this guy hasn't even approched me in a sexual or un comfortable way so i really do feel its like a friendship... if that makes sense. I dont want to feel like im hiding things but i also dont want to not have male friends and exclude myself from all socializing. I can use the advice. Thanks.
Im married but can I have opposite sex friends?
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