Would you make your significant other choose between you and their sister?

OK so here is the scenario. You're the brother. You have a girlfriend that has been with you for 9 years. And a sister that your girlfriend has known since birth. One night your parents get in to a car accident that leaves them both dead, and your sister without a home. You're the elder brother, so the state has come to you, and asked you to adopt the sister. The only other option is for her to be in foster care permanently.

You discuss at length with the girlfriend and you both agree to adopt the sister, she should be with family. When the sister moves in you find out she's very traumatized from the event, she has trouble being alone, can't go to sleep unless someone is there with her. You have to take her to and from counseling every week.

One day the girlfriend comes to you saying this is not what she signed up for, she's not ready to be a mother. She wants you to cancel the adoption. She issues the ultimatum "which do you choose, me or your sister" of course you talk it over, you don't abandon family. The girlfriend agrees and things are OK for a week. You then find out from the sister that the girlfriend has been mean to her off and on. You confront the girlfriend, she apologizes, and things are better for a week. But she starts again, and then you have a massive fight where she gives the ultimatum again.. Of course you tell her to pack her shit and get out, because you don't abandon family.

After that the mental health of the sister gets better though she wrongly feels like it was her fault the girlfriend and you broke up.. Ultimately family is first.

This happened to a friend of mine.

Which would you choose guys, your sister or your girlfriend...

Ladies would you force him to choose between you and his sister?
I'm a guy and I'd always choose family.
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I'm a guy and I'd choose my girlfriend.
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I'm a girl, and I'd never make my man choose me as ver family.
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I'm a girl, and I'd absolutely make him choose, I should come first.
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Would you make your significant other choose between you and their sister?
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