Should I return the money to my ex boyfriend?

We live together with my boyfriend before but he ended up leaving me for another woman. He left and started to live with this other girl. I know why he left because I don’t have much money to support him. He said he needs to be practical that is why he is choosing this other girl. I, him and my family had a terrible fight because of the motorbike that my family steal from him because it was under my name but it was him who really paid for it.

I love my boyfriend so much even if my family don’t like him. I fought him so hard because I taught the future I see us together is real but not. My boyfriend said to stop bothering him with the other girl and he said he never really love me. He already get what he wants in a girlfriend. I am not his property and I can’t force him to love me.

It made me cry a lot. He never taught I only keep the money of the motorbike I sell it in a cheaper price of 42K. I am struggling financially because of the loan I never paid when we were still together and and lost money to help him before. That’s how I love him so much. I never spend it.

however I encounter this other woman, she seem to be boastful of her things and even money. But actually she is not really that type of girl who is very rich. she insulted me a lot and actually both of them with my boyfriend even if I really did anything wrong.
But I know my boyfriend is only after for money to her and I know he will also leave her after she becomes broke.

my question is should I return the money to my boyfriend, yes or no?
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Editing the first option; Yes return the money
Should I return the money to my ex boyfriend?
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