Is My Boyfriend Going to Break Up With Me?

Hi there, my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months and everything seemed to be going great until recently. Lately my boyfriend has been busy with grad school and hasn't been great about communicating via text during the week (we only see each other on weekends). No big deal, I'm a student too so I took the hint and gave him some space.

Monday night I had sent him a funny meme but I assumed he had gone to bed and wouldn't see it until morning. He responds back almost three hours later and asks me if I would be open to having a threesome. We have jokingly talked in the past about potentially adding a third person to the bedroom just out of curiosity. So I asked him who he had found, how he found them, and why suddenly now?

Turns out he had gone out to drinks with a female 1st year grad student to give her advice on managing grading undergraduate work. She came on to him and expressed interest, he responded with the "I have a girlfriend" line, and she mentioned a threesome.

I told him I wasn't comfortable with the threesome idea and he said sorry.

Fast forward to this weekend he apologizes again for the drunk texts (I didn't realize he was drunk at the time), and says he barely remembers anything from that night.

I also noticed that his fridge is stocked with healthy foods like chicken breast and veggies when he has always been a steak, potatoes, and beer type. In fact, he didn't even like veggies when I met him but my healthy eating habits have rubbed off on him some since then.
Is he trying to lose weight or something? He isn't fat but isn't super lean either (I love the way he looks btw).
He has been out all day at meetings and getting lunch with coworkers.
Anyways I'm just bothered by his "I'm busy" claims when he has time to get drinks and meals with friends/coworkers. I guess I'm just not sure if I believe what he is telling me.
Am I over reacting?
Is My Boyfriend Going to Break Up With Me?
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