He sent an apology to his ex. Is this messed up? Should I be mad?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. We moved across the country together 7 months ago and live together.

He has always displayed a not so hot attitude about his ex. Basically he says that she just was not the girl for him and he was glad to leave the relationship.

Lately he has been acting like a selfish jerk and expects me to look and pick up after him like I’m his mom.
I committed the cardinal sin of which I’m not proud. I did it because he has done a lot of behaviors lately that make me question his actual commitment to the relationship long term.
Well I looked and I found. He texted his ex whom he supposedly dislikes - a 6 paragraph frankly, pathetic apology for not being a “great guy” to her and he even mentioned how she looked so happy with her new man.

As I read it I wanted to puke. They haven’t spoken in almost 2 years as far as I know. What gives? Why does even care? From what he told me she was a bad, cheating and controlling girlfriend. He has a new girlfriend and she has a new man!! What the hell? The part that gets me the most is that he sent her a lengthy apology and I can’t even get him to put his own clothes away or help me hang a curtain rod.

This bother me enough that I am up at 3am considering asking him to move out. I just don’t think contacting exes you closed the book on long ago is okay when your in a new relationship. Also his apology was like “oh poor me, I’m messed up and I want you forgive me”

Am I overreacting?
He sent an apology to his ex. Is this messed up? Should I be mad?
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