RED FLAGS: Is my boyfriend using me?

Lately, I've developped the feeling that my boyfriend might be using me. Don't get me wrong: he is a very sweet guy, but here are some signs that concern me:

- We usually take turns paying, yet it's often me who has to pay the bigger part of the bill. For example: when we're on our way to the restaurant, he says right at the beginning that he's only got few money with him, but automatically assumes that I always have enough money to pay the rest of the bill instead of apologizing or explaining why. It's really weird because he spends quite a lot of money on other stuff, so it's not like he's poor. Every time I mention this issue, he changes the subject.
- We often run out of conversation topics even though i put in quite an effort to keep the conversation going while he's replying with short sentences and doesn't really engage.
- He runs hot and cold. First, he greets me exuberantly with kisses and cuddling as if we had not seen each other for weeks and the next moment, we're having a boring conversation and he doesn't even look at me when we're talking.

Should I be concerned or am I being paranoid? Thank you so much for your help!
RED FLAGS: Is my boyfriend using me?
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