Why a nice friendship has to be ruined just for the fact of having sex?

I dotn get it and it seems not fair especially when they both knew each other for some time. I have a female friend who went through this and she wonder hrlsef why it has to be that way if other people an work it out ori f that depends on the person itself and the way they view th situation..

I mean if before the sex those friends got along well, they were in some kind of contact, some good interaction once in a while and both of them were Ok but some years after this friendship they both end up havign sex for the first time together. My friend was a virgin not the guy, but he did not mind she was a virgin at that moment, then he changed his view on that time later and changed toward the lady. After they had sex, he changed toward her, he treated her like a stranger and stop having contact with her less and less and jsut a matter of months when they met 5 years before and everything was fine between them. Before the sex they went out on some dates together, had a good time, made out and enjoy each other company. I dotn know if the guy was starting to fall in love but I doubt it as he always treated her like a friend, never hinted her any romantic innuendos of any kind or even hint her he wanted a relationship with her, still when thye went out on the dates, he enjoyed her company.

Then what happened happened, after the guy wanted to have sex with her. He was the one who wanted but given the fact she was a virgin she was apprehensive, nervous and jumpy he seemed he understand that, at the beginning so it made her feel comfortable about it. I mean 5 years they know each other, they treated each other fine before, texting often, even when out on some dates with no sex, only making out but they had a good time. Even ran into each other in other social family events and they interacted super nice (before the sex). But all of that nice things changed after the second time they both had sex, yes there was a 2nd time because the guy wanted and he wanted to give his friend...
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the opportunity to enjoy the momento much more unlike the first time since it was her frist she was nervous, anxious and jumpy in the intercourse. The 2nd time she could nto get over the jumpiness, she had her period and the sex was quick and both were uncomfortable. The guy wanted a 3rd timeand he was the one asking his friend for the sex (not the other way around) but he did tell his friend please dont be jumpy again it is a boredom for me”. I mean before the sex they got along fine for 5 years
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then they had sex twice and when they were setting to go for the 3rd one, when he told her about the boredome) the male friend back down and ghosted her friend, no explanation no nothing and blocked her from all social media, when before the sex he never blocked her. I guess his decision to cut all contact with the friend was very extreme, just for the fact he expected her to be different intimately and she did not meet probably his expectations the guy wanted a less jumpy and less afraid lady
Why a nice friendship has to be ruined just for the fact of having sex?
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