How do I involve my ex in my pregnancy?

Hi this is my first post on here but I really need some advice on dealing with an ex partner during pregnancy.

A little background info.. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant unplanned but had already split up with the father a few weeks before finding out. We were only together about 6 months but I soon realised he wasn't the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Nothing drastically wrong it just wasn't a relationship I wanted to continue as we where not good together

However the main problem is how do I involve him in the pregnancy but still maintain some distance?
I am quite happy for him to come to the big scans and so on but apart from that there is nothing much going on. It's not like we can just sit round and watch my belly grow! I don't want to just spend time with him hanging out or speak to him everyday but if I don't he starts accusing me of shutting him out.

Im dreading telling him I don't want him as my birthing partner or to be present during the birth and the baby is having my surname not his but I haven't told him this yet but I know he is keen to attend the antenatal classes and is excited to be at the birth and the baby having his surname so I can see this causing a row.

I just don't feel comfortable with him being there or giving the baby his name

Am I being totally unreasonable?

I'm starting to dread his calls and texts

Sorry didn't mean to go on so long! Any advice most welcome
10 d
did anyone read the question i said i wanted distance i did not say i wanted him out of mine or our childs life

i do want him in our childs life as the babys father plus i said he can come to any scans and some apps for the pregnancy just not the birth in which i mean in the delivery room i am more than happy for him to wait in the waiting room and come in after the baby is born
How do I involve my ex in my pregnancy?
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