Why am I having dreams about him like that?

I know nobody can really answer this in a scientific way. I had this dream of this guy I use to date/fool around with. Whenever we dated, he was on/off with me. I worked with him, and that turned out to be a BAD mistake! Within time, the whole on/off because disrespectful. He flirted behind my back. Went to bars, crying in the club because no girl would dance with him. Etc. Always turned things against me if I confront him over a chick, whatever. Whenever the whole dating thing dropped, we because Friends with Benefits. Stupid me! Lol. He knew I had feelings. In the long run to shorten this out, he had a girlfriend behind my back. It hurt, and he KNEW it hurt me. He was scared to even tell me, which I get..

For the future, I do want him happy. He unblocked me off of Instagram and all recently. I am NOT going to accept any future openings/doors for him to come back and be friends. I'm a very forgiving person within time, but he disrespected me so much. WAY TOO much.

I had a dream about my future place/home next to the beach. I got a message from him how they're trying to have a baby. Then he mentioned his sister, which he doesn't have a sister. I HATE dreaming about him.

This guy was insecure with me. He was insecure being with me. Asked what was so great about him. People questioned our relationship. Telling me how I'm stunning, and how he's just ugly. I stood up for him, etc.
Why am I having dreams about him like that?
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