Want to know my long, lost talent when I was a kid?

That long, lost talent was bringing my anger out of me to create a really bad vibe. I could feel it when I was subconsciously doing it. I asked myself, "Why is this happening/How is this happening?"

I had remembered what it felt like during 2019 when I went to the movies with my now ex best friend. She wanted me to go to the movies with her so she can wait for a guy. She wanted me for company until he arrived.
I had a crush on her, knowing she was straight. I asked her out on Facebook Messenger not so long before we went to the movies. While we were at the movies, sat down in empty seats, I held the urge to kiss her forehead because I was scared that she would block me out from her life and I didn't want that; at least, that is what I thought.
When he arrived, she found two more empty seats for her and that guy. She was sitting very close to him. She was laying her head on shoulder and his arm was around her. I was so furious that I remembered that bad aura I created. So put that aura up and held it until the movie ended. When it ended, I was the first one out of the theater, now waiting for my stepdad to pick me up.
The guy left with some friends and she came to my side and asked me if I was alright. I nodded my head to assure her that I was fine, but I know she could feel that bad vibe coming off of me. She mentioned this and I ignored her, holding that aura until we left the building.
Once I got home, I explained the situation to her on Facebook Messenger, knowing if I talked to her about it in person, I might would've hurt her feelings. So that is why I messaged her. She told me that guy was her friend, but I didn't take her word for it; her actions made it obvious.
After all that, I broke all connections with her because she used me as company and didn't watch the movie, which was wasting my aunt's money. Now, I don't see her as a best friend anymore.
I tired to use my aura again this year at school so people can leave me alone, but it is completely gone.
Want to know my long, lost talent when I was a kid?
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