How to help friend in abusive relationship? And how to support her?

One of my best friends is in an abusive relationship and has been since October. She's my best friend and I love her a lot and I truly want the best for her bc thats what she deserves, which makes knowing how her boyfriend treats her so painful. He's never been physically abusive with her, but he is very emotionally and verbally abusive. He belittles her problems, he calls her names like "stupid b**ch" when they're arguing and screams at her, he throws a fit whenever she even says "Thank you" to a male fast food worker (yes that actually happens), he gets mad when she talks to or hangs out with friends for "too long", and much more.

He once told that her she must be home by a certain time when with friends and told her she wasn't allowed to go visit a friend at college. They've broken up like twice but she always allows him back in. I care about her and love her a lot so I often find myself getting very frustrated with her.

How can support her through this? How can I help her? I've been trying for months to explain how unhealthy this is and how she deserves much more, but nothing works. How can I stop myself from getting so frustrated with her? I don't want to push her away, but seeing how he treats her and the full extent of it all and how she allows it, makes me so frustrated.
How to help friend in abusive relationship? And how to support her?
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