What do you say to a man you are in love with but who doesn't know you exist?

Six years ago, I was made aware of a certain guy through various connections. I have never met this guy before, but everything I hear about him through connections makes him sound wonderful, and we have a lot in common. He writes for fun, and his works have gotten passed along to me. I think they're brilliant. I have also seen his picture, and he is incredibly hot.

However, it doesn't look like we could ever be together. For one, he doesn't know of my existence. Secondly, he moved to a different state. And most importantly, he has a girlfriend that he has been with for two years.

One of my friends informed me that he's coming into town for a visit next month and has invited me to finally meet him. What do I say? If I were to say what I really felt, it would sound soImething like, "Hi, you've never met me, but I've been in love with you for six years. I think you're the hottest man I've ever seen, you're brilliant, and I want to be with you. I know you have a girlfriend, but I think you should leave her and be with me instead." I imagine saying that to him won't go over well, though. What should I do?

If it means anything, based on what I've heard about his girlfriend, she sounds a lot like me. We are both his "type", so to speak. I've seen her picture, and I think she's prettier than me, though not significantly.


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  • Tell him all of that, but also tell him you're into polygamy and open relationships. Maybe they'd invite you into their relationship.

    • He is Mormon...but I still don't think that's the best course of action. I don't want him to think I'm a crazy stalker or something.

    • What can I tell you? That's what god told me, and if he's Mormon, well I couldn't have known he'd potentially be into polygamy. :)

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  • you're not in love with him. you have a crush.

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