He’s attracted yet he doesn’t have a crush?

There is this guy I really like whom I met abroad. Anyways, I told him that I find him quite attractive since I had a feeling that he likes me, too (makes me compliments, asks me lots of personal questions, asks me if there’s a guy I like, what kind of guy I find attractive etc). We also have a lots of things in common, such as interests, opinions about life and relationships etc.

He said that he feels incredibly attracted to me yet he doesn’t have a huge crush on me - apparently, he decides after a couple of days if he could imagine a relationship with a girl and we had pretty much no contact at the beginning. Plus, I was extremely reserved.

Here’s the deal: he mentioned that things would be different if I would be a girl from town and not someone who will soon return to her country (which is not that far away from his). Even though he stated twice that he’s going to miss me when I’m gone. Also, he’s made some pretty bad experiences in past relationships and with girls he’s been dating in the last years.

I know that I should probably just accept the situation as it is. But is there any way I could try to make it work from your point of view? I feel like the only thing that forbids us to try something is the fact that we will soon live in two different countries.
He’s attracted yet he doesn’t have a crush?
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