Intentions with me if any?

I’ve been talking to this guy for a year and half. We started out as friends but never defined anything. He said after 6 months how I make him feel, but that he’s never been good at balancing his personal life with a relationship, so for us to take our time with each other. Things have happened this since and we just decided (he said it first actually) to remain friends. What confuses me is that he still doesn’t keep it as such. He tries to talk / be the way we were before , but I thought we’d just be friends. I asked him again and he said enjoys my company and he likes my company, so that he just wants someone to talk to and someone to do fun activities with, but again he doesn’t always treat it as such and said that if the opportunity were there he’d sleep with me but that that’s not his intention to.
He’s hurt me deeply bad communication , doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong, projecting his insecurities on me, and his actions have spoken greater than his words (he’s never made up for anything wrong he’s done including not doing a thing /giving me a thing for my birthday. I even paid for my own dinner ) He’s only apologized for the things he’s done wrong is bc he said it would make me feel better , so I know they weren’t sincere enough. So I cannot be with him. The more I treat him as a friend the more he does to, but if I change a bit and find hope , he moves towards me if that makes sense. In the end , I cannot remain friends with him bc he wants to, I don’t know what he really wants and I just don’t get him. What gives? Help please
Intentions with me if any?
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