How do I go about dating a 30 year old widdow with kids?

here's the backstory... im 25. she's 30.
Her ex killed himself./commited suicide

she has 2 kids. And im 25. Only had 1 serious relationship. Before.
I have no kids of my own.

we click, we get along great. Only thing is. I have no idea how to be a dad.

or how to jump into a situation like that.
i want us to be a happy family. And be everything those kids need in a dad. And be everything she wants in a man...

any advice. On somthing like this would be helpful... its not somthing everyone goes through that young.
but i wanna be happy and so do they.
12 d
We have ben dating for over a year now.

I met her here in town. She works at the hospital. Im a farmer and i do construction...

I've ben its getting to the point where it’s serious. And. I haven't told my mom yet.

I've ben lying about where I've ben going. But i need to introduce them to my mom.

My mom is a widdow also. But i dont know how she would feel about me takeing on that big of a responsibility at 25. Especially her being older.

12 d
The more time we spend together the more we fall for one another.

Her kids like me, And always ask when im coming back and even call me durring the day for stuff.

I wanna be with her and step in for the kids but its a big life change really fast.

We even wouldn’t be opposed to having more
How do I go about dating a 30 year old widdow with kids?
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