Single forever? What am I doing wrong?

I`m 35, going to be 36 this year. I had my first serious relationship at around 17. My longest relationship lasted 7 years and we broke up as he didn't want to move out of his parents house (as his age of 31).

I did have multiple serious relationships in my life. I try to take time and get over each of one. Older I get, more healthy approaches I take. Building my life, myself being better and better. Therefore also every relationship is better.

My childhood was difficult and I struggled with depression for long time. Got over it and since then I am always trying to improve myself as a person.
At 35 now, I have a successful career, lots of hobbies, lots of friends. I live a pretty active lifestyle with also lots of cycling. I like trying new things. My heart is open, my outlook towards life is positive. I see best in people, always. I am quirky, bubbly, bit geeky, intelligent, funny. And yeah... fat. But that never seemed to be a problem with getting guys. I guess a lot of them like curvy girls. In general people like me a lot.

I just got dumped by somebody (we had a 8month relationship). He said he loves me and thinks I am amazing, but he is not in love with me. I think I was his rebound as he was just finishing with a 2-year long separation process from his ex (they also have a kid).

I am a bit of a mess right now. But in general, I am asking myself... did I miss my train? Will I stay alone forever? Will I never find somebody with whom I could spend my life with? I do want to try to have a family but I am afraid my biological clock is also at the end.

What am I doing wrong?
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Just to be clear: I do want a committed relationship, marriage and family. I dont want to stay single forever. But it seems there is sth I am missing or doing wrong?
Single forever? What am I doing wrong?
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