Why did I attack my boyfriend whilst in my sleep?

Last time i watched scarface and was drinking gin whilst staying at my boyfriends over night.

At around 2 a clock i felt something and i think i thought i was in my own bed at home alone and then i felt a man's body next too me, i thought i was gonna get raped or attacked.

All i remember i screaming and shouting oh my god over and over again. I was pushing and lightly slapping my boyfriend thinking he was intruder in his own bed.

His sister came running up to his bedroom to see what was going on and he had to hold me back and told her i was having a nightmare. Then i woke up and felt so embarrassed and guilty id woke people up and hit my boyfriend unconsciously.

He said it didn't hurt. Im 4ft 11, 9 stone whilst he's 6ft2 and 12 stone so we all know who's gonna win the fight.

I apologised to everyone the next day and we all had a good laugh about it but I've never done anything like that before in my sleep.

I've only spoke or thought I've fell in my sleep before. Never had that happen before. I've also had small panic attacks in my sleep before so i don't know if it was that or something else.

My mum sees ghosts sometimes, i know how silly i sounds and i didn't believe her at first till, i had hard evidence but maybe i felt a spirit or something. My auntie also has night terrors so i could be that too but i don't know if that's something that can be passed on. But she has similar reactions to what i had last night.
Why did I attack my boyfriend whilst in my sleep?
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