How can I be there for my boyfriend in these hard times?

My boyfriend has a lot going on in his life and im just gonna get to the point about it. His mum has on and off cancer, his uncle recently died from cancer, his grandmother is 93 years old deaf and can't go toilet by herself, he has a down syndrome uncle and a diabetic, alcoholic father with dementia.

They all live on their farm together and he's had no choice but to run the family business with his brother in law and sisters at only 18 . He worked himself so hard he has now got damaged nerves and struggles to walk without pain and is on a tone of medication

he's one of the kindest, most caring men I've ever met. he's still manages to be such a great person with all this going on, he even volunteers for a local charity supporting people with learning disabilities and the leader recently died of covid of he's had to take charge of that too. Recently his dad has started getting more aggressive and tried to hit my boyfriends sister and has started bullying his down syndrome uncle abit too.

All this made him decide to get the doctors involved again and he found out from a nurse but his dad had been having mini strokes for the past 4 years and not told anyone. The doctors believe he could possibly have vascular dementia and will die in 5 years. Nothing has been confirmed yet but its looking very likely.

If im totally honest i don't like my boyfriend dad much as he drunk himself into his dementia whilst my boyfriends mother had cancer. Even before the dementia he wad a very selfish, cruel person who just kept adding on to the family issues by having a self destructive personality but i wouldn't wish what he has on anyone even if he has no one to blame but himself. Im just worried but if his dad finds out he only has 5 years left, his destructive behaviour will get worse as he will see it as him having nothing to lose and start drinking and over eating even more than he already does.
How can I be there for my boyfriend in these hard times?
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