Is it me? And what is "IT"?

My husband and I have been together since the night we met. He moved in the next day, now married 1yr but been together for 9. We used to be "hot and heavy " always at least 3 times a week up until about 4 month after we got married. But its him who doesn't want to do it. Honestly it's like I have to complain for days sometimes a week just to get it one time. I feel like he's not attracted as much but I feel that im just as hot if not hotter than when we met. I feel like I put way more into our intimacy, I dress up or down and am (I feel) more "attentive".. Is it me? Or is it him? And WTH is... IT? And how do I get it back?
Do women stop being as intimate after marriage?
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Or is it the man that doesn't make her feel as attracted as before?
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Commuting is a start and understanding and acceptance is key
Is it me? And what is "IT"?
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